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Cancun Airport Information

Cancun International Airport

The Cancun International Airport handles more than seventeen million passengers a year and is the second most important Mexican hub after Mexico City International Airport. Arriving at the Cancun Airport can be a little intimidating for the first time visitor. 


In Flight to Puerto Morelos via Cancun Internation Airport

During your Flight

Your airline will normally pass out an immigration form to each passenger and a customs form for each family. Fill these forms out while on the flight to save time once you arrive. Bring a pen in your carry-on to fill out these forms. Bring extra pens to make friends during your flight...


Mexican Immigration


After arrival, you will go first thru Mexican immigration. Wait in line for your turn, then present your passport and immigration form to the immigration officer. He will look over your paperwork and then stamp and return your passport along with the bottom of your immigration form. This is your tourist travel visa. MAKE SURE YOU KEEP IT WITH YOUR PASSPORT. You will need both your passport and your tourist travel visa when you leave the country.


Once you leave immigration you will pick up your luggage and the proceed thru Mexican customs. Place your luggage on the X-Ray machine belt and then present your customs declaration form to the customs officer. He will look over your customs form and then you will push the button on an upright column. Green and you walk thru, Red and your luggage will be opened and inspected by the customs official(s.) 


Exiting the Cancun Airport

Exiting the Airport

After clearing customs you will go thru a large set of sliding glass doors. In the corridor leading to the airport exit you will likely encounter time share and tour salesmen or others trying to convince you that they are your transfer service or ask to see your passport or other documentation.  You will be told that your transfer service is not available or that they are your transfer service or anything else to try to persuade you to do business with them. 


Legitimate company representatives will be waiting outside the airport in the meeting area.

Transfer Service

If you have pre-arranged a transfer service, exit to the outside of the airport and look for someone holding a sign with your name or the name of the transfer service you are using. This company representative will take you to your transfer vehicle or call the driver to meet you. Occasionally, you will have to wait until the transfer vehicle arrives.


Car Rentals

If you have pre-arranged an on-airport car rental proceed to the kiosk of your car rental agency inside the airport. They will have someone escort you to their rental office off-airport to sign your paperwork and pick up your car. If you have arranged a car rental from an off-airport agency exit the airport to the outside and look for a representative holding a sign with your name or the name of the car rental agency you have arrangements with.

Cancun Airport Taxi Service

Taxi Service

Taxi service is available at the Cancun Airport. This is the highest cost option as the Cancun airport imposes a fee on every taxi leaving the airport property. Simply ask for a taxi as you exit the airport. Fares to Puerto Morelos can average $70 usd or more. Ask for the fare before getting in the taxi. Tipping is optional but recommended.


ADO Bus Service

ADO (AAH DAY OOH) Bus service is available at terminals 2 and 3 at the airport. Look for the large red and white ADO buses outside each of these terminals. To check current fares from the airport visit the ADO Website You can purchase tickets online at the website or from the kiosk at the airport. Enter the Cancun Airport in the first field and Puerto Morelos in the second on the ADO website. Fares are substantially higher from the airport than from other locations because the Cancun Airport imposes a fee for every passenger leaving the airport.

There is an ADO Ticket kiosk in the airport parking area. Simply look around for the ADO sign and purchase your tickets there. If you have to ask, make sure and specify the ADO bus, not just bus service. Private buses are available at a much higher cost and that is likely where you will be directed to unless you specify the ADO bus service.

The ADO bus will drop you off at the turn-off to Puerto Morelos on Highway 307. From there you will need to hire a taxi to take you to your hotel/home or catch the Colectivo that makes rounds throughout Puerto Morelos and the Colonia.